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The extensive knowledge and acknowledge experience in valuations over the years is the value that our clients benefit from us. With our accredited business valuers and their track records of excellence, we are confident to give best value to our clients. Our Partners have a track record of excellence in the real sector, investment banking, corporate finance advisory and business valuations with international firms; as well as become a resource person for standard and regulation making in business valuation by appraiser associations, and capital market. Our Recommen philosophy, REliable (we provide a sound SOP for valuation) Competence (we have a highly capable staff) Mull (we consider and put our clients’ needs first) Endeavour (we work hard to achieve the best results). Cal +621-27871688 or


Property and Business valuation in Indonesia, we have the ability and commitment to provide the best services to our client's


Our assessment team composed of assessor-appraiser and experienced specialists who are supported by a professional staff


The main principle of our service is customer satisfaction. Therefore, our main goal is to provide quality services with the best performance for the benefit of our clients