KJPP RSR with scope valuation taxation purposes; valuation assets of governments and state owned enterprise; purchase and sales transaction; inventory of assets; company valuation for merger, acquisition, reversion capital, share’s issue; mortgages and securities, investments; credit application; fire insurance’s taxation; determining the current value of net assets; management purposes; valuation of company capital market-go public; and other valuation services

Sales Comparison

comparative approach considers the sales of similar or substitute properties and related market data, and establishes a value estimate by processes involving comparison

Income Capitalization

comparative approach considers income and expense data relating to the property being valued and estimates value through a capitalization process. Capitalization relates income (usually a net income figure) and a defined value type by converting an income amount into a value estimate

Cost Approach

As a substitute for the purchase of a given property, one could construct another property that is either a replica of the original or one that could furnish equal utility

Business valuation

the act or process of arriving at an opinion or estimation of the value of a business or entity or an interest therein

Agro valuation

The task of this division covers the services such as study, valuation, project monitoring, and plant census of various crops, to support various purposes of corporate actions.

real estate and machinery valuation

The task of this division is to undertake all services of valuation related to plant, machinery and equipment as well as aircraft, ships and vessels. And undertake all services in valuation, project monitoring, highest and best use study related to property (land and/or buildings and other land improvement).